Oct 24 2023

The top 12 closing gifts for your clients

closing gifts for buyers
closing gifts for buyers

The right closing gifts for buyers can be hard to find. Here’s some inspiration.

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More important than choosing the right closing gift is creating a connection with your client. That is to say, when you get to know your client throughout the sales process, you’ll probably find it effortless to pick a great gift.

Selecting a thoughtful gift can make a lasting impression. Though it’s always worthwhile to give for the sake of giving, many agents swear by gifting closing gifts to help build relationships and boost referrals. The stats support this: Forging an emotional connection may encourage triple the return on word-of-mouth marketing.

12 unique-yet-affordable closing gifts for buyers

closing gifts for buyers

As a note: Closing gifts for buyers aren’t required, but they are permitted. You’ll only be in violation of RESPA guidelines if you’re gifting in exchange for a referral. You can read more about this here.

If you’re looking for ideas for closing gifts for buyers, browse this list:

1. Custom artwork.

Using a site like Etsy or commissioning a local artist, you can gift your clients a custom sketch or watercolor painting of their new house at a reasonable price. Turn-around times can vary, though some artists advertise sketches that are ready to ship within just 24 hours.

2. Custom cookies.

Custom closing cookies may also be available on Etsy, as well as from a local baker. You can order cookies in the shape of a house, front door, or welcome mat and decorated to say “home sweet home” or with the first names of your clients.

3. Donation in their name.

File this under closing gifts for buyers who have everything, or buyers who may not appreciate accumulating more “stuff.” A charitable donation made in a client’s name can be particularly impactful if you donate to a cause they’re connected to—like Hope for the Warriors for a Veteran or Active-Duty servicemember.

4. Funny welcome mat.

While a welcome mat may be a fairly standard closing gift, a mat with a clever saying is one your client won’t forget. Your selection will, of course, depend on your rapport with your client. A client with a dry sense of humor might get a kick out of a “I hope you brought wine” welcome mat.

5. Gift certificate for a deep cleaning.

A new homeowner will love nothing more than a gift certificate for a free deep cleaning. (Bonus points for supporting a local cleaning company.) Knowing that their home will be scrubbed down prior to moving in can help to ease much of the stress that comes with setting up a new household.

6. Leaf or snow blower.

Your selection might depend on climate and season, but either way, a client will always be happy to have more tools for their house. A leaf blower may be an especially thoughtful gift if a client has just closed on a home with a large yard and plenty of trees.

7. Local gift basket.

Another way to support local businesses—and help introduce clients to a new city or neighborhood—is to put together a gift basket filled with local goods. This might include a gift card to a local restaurant, wine from a local vendor, soaps, candles, or cleaning products from a locally owned store.

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8. New house numbers.

If the address numbers on your client’s new home have seen better days, get them a replacement. Modernized house numbers are available online and at local hardware stores. You can also use this quick guide to match the new numbers to the architectural style of your client’s house.

9. Personalized kitchen tool.

Branded kitchen items—like a knife, cutting board, or serving bowl—are double winners. Not only is a kitchen tool likely to be used frequently, especially when boxes still need to be unpacked, but it keeps your name top of mind with clients.

10. Smart thermostat.

A smart thermostat that syncs to a smart hub isn’t just handy. It can also be a money saver for your clients. Smart thermostats are more user-friendly than ever, so it should be easy for most clients to upgrade, program, and control their home’s temps.

11. S’mores kit.

Does a client’s new home have a firepit? Then they’re bound to appreciate a s’mores kit. You can order a kit online or put together your own, made with graham crackers, marshmallows, chocolate, and skewers. To add a personal touch, consider swapping plain marshmallows for a gourmet flavor, like salted caramel.

12. Subscription box.

It’s the gift that keeps on giving. These days, subscription boxes are available for almost everything—including coffee, snacks, pet treats, flowers, and even home décor. A monthly gift box is a smart way to keep yourself on the minds of former clients (and hopefully remind them to leave a positive review).

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