Sep 26 2023

6 ways to showcase your local expertise

real estate marketing
real estate marketing

Is your real estate marketing plan lacking direction? Try establishing yourself as a local expert.

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Most homebuyers are looking for professionals they can trust. How do you build trust? By establishing your credibility. For many agents, this happens not through advertising awards and accolades but by demonstrating how well you know a local market. Your local expertise can inform—and direct—your real estate marketing strategy.

It makes sense. Why would a homebuyer want to buy a house through an agent who doesn’t know much about where they want to live?

On the other hand, potential clients may be attracted to you specifically because you seem like a local fixture. To become an agent who’s in the know and rooted in your community, take a look at these tips.

How to become a local expert your clients can trust

real estate marketing

Taking a hyperlocal approach can enhance your real estate marketing:

1. Get to know your community.

Visit new coffee shops and frequent local businesses. Something as simple as taking a photo of your latte or meal can be used in your Instagram Stories. Make sure to tag the business, which may encourage them to re-share your recommendation. You can also chat with local restaurants, landscapers, and other businesses about partnering up and offering your clients a discount on their services.

You could use your insider knowledge to create “locals only” guides or maps as a resource for new homeowners.

2. Put yourself out there.

Whether it’s line dancing, golf, or fundraising, you can connect with community members in a low-pressure environment by participating in local events. Relationship building is part of the long game in real estate marketing. NAR numbers show that nearly 25 percent of an agent’s business may come from past client referrals. Referrals can also come from the community associations you make.

Other ideas for community involvement include coaching or sponsoring a youth sports team, volunteering, and attending town hall or school board meetings.

3. Share local market reports.

There are a few ways you can do this:

  • Record your own local market recaps and post them to your social channels.
  • Write out a local market report (or recap) to send as a newsletter.
  • Ask your local Academy Loan Officer for market-facing resources you can share with your audience. (Here’s an example.)

Addressing local market concerns positions you as an expert, while keeping you top of mind with potential clients. It can also give you a competitive advantage. If a homebuyer is screening local agents, they’re likely to be drawn to the one who can explain local economic conditions and effectively answer their questions.

Your local Academy Loan Officer is here to help you grow your business.

4. Circulate local content.

Market-facing content is a must. But localized blogs, social posts, videos, and emails can remind clients that you’re part of the community. Along with content that answers buyer/seller questions, you can post your own restaurant reviews, spotlight weekend events, and add your two cents on local happenings. Locals might start to follow you as a source of information—and remember you in the future when they need to buy or sell.

Depending on how much localized content you create, your recommendations and top picks can be put into a weekly or monthly newsletter.

5. Connect with other local experts.

There’s power in numbers. So, consider reaching out to other prominent members of your community for a collaboration. You could do a Q&A with a popular restauranteur or ask a local pottery instructor to put on a Facebook event with you. When there’s a festival or conference coming up, reach out to a local speaker and see if they’d like to be interviewed.

If local experts are hard to come by, you might also do a social series on community members’ pets.

6. Have fun with it.

Getting involved and partnering with small businesses is just one part of local real estate marketing. Clients will also appreciate you taking pride in where you live and serve and creating some excitement. Make a quiz or a series of social posts showcasing fun or little-known facts about your area. Celebrate wacky local holidays and festivals (like the Bologna Festival in Yale, Michigan).

You could also hit the street to ask and record locals explaining why they love living in your town and would never want to leave.

Here’s the local support you’ve been looking for

Partnering with Academy brings more than rates and products to the table. Because our Loan Officers are local, they can help you educate your clients on local market conditions. And because our Loan Officers are committed to creating life-changing experiences through lending, they can meet your clients where they’re at and help them overcome any hurdles. Partner with your local Academy Loan Officer.

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