Mar 31 2023

A simple guide to Reels for real estate agents

real estate reels
real estate reels

This tutorial makes it easy to create compelling real estate Reels in just a few steps.

For real estate professional use only and should not be considered an advertisement to the general public.

When you already have a full client load, it can feel impossible to stay on top of the latest social media and marketing trends as an agent. Luckily, Instagram Reels are user-friendly enough that you can master them in minutes. Simple (and silly) as they seem, Reels can be especially useful in helping you to attract a larger audience.

A recent Social Insider analysis noted that Reels have the potential to increase a post’s reach by nearly 40 percent. To put it another way, it’s possible that you could reach up to 40 percent more prospective clients by posting a single video. On a social media platform where organic reach can be notoriously low, this makes Reels all the more valuable if you want to make the most out of the time you spend creating content.

How to make Reels for real estate in 5 steps

real estate reels

An Instagram Reel is a short video ranging from 15 to 90 seconds long. Reels are usually set to popular voiceovers or music (similar to TikTok videos). Reels can be shared as a post, a Story, or even featured under the Reels tab on your profile. Unlike Stories, Reels don’t disappear after 24 hours. Reels are permanently posted to your profile, until you choose to delete them.

To start watching Reels, just hit the play icon found in the center of your Instagram navigation bar.

Since Reels are currently the most popular content type on Instagram, they'll give you more bang for your buck—or more engagement for the content you create. Better engagement can increase your reach, helping to land your Reels under the Explore tab. If your Reels make it to the Explore tab, you’ll have thousands of new eyes on your videos, at no cost to you.

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Once you have an idea for a Reel, you can bring it to life by following these steps:

1. Upload your video.

When making a Reel, you can use a video you’ve already recorded or record using the Instagram Reel creator on your phone:

  • Whether uploading or recording: Open your Instagram app and go to your profile.
  • Click the plus sign button in the top right corner of the screen and choose Reel.
  • Another way to access the Reels creator is by swiping left on your Instagram camera and tapping Reel at the bottom.

To upload a pre-recorded video (of up to 90 seconds), tap the square at the bottom left of your screen. This opens your phone’s media library so you can upload. Choose which video you want to upload, then hit Add in the top right corner of your screen. Instagram will allow you to upload multiple clips, as long as they don’t exceed the 90 second limit. Alternately, press and hold the record button to create your video.

Once you’re done, hit Next on the bottom right of your screen to begin editing.

2. Add your captions.

If your video has audio, it’s important to always select the captions sticker. You can do this by:

  • Tapping on the sticker button and then choosing captions.
  • Adding captions makes your video more accessible, as well as easier for viewers to watch without sound.

Once captions are automatically generated, you can tap on them to edit and correct the text or change its color and animation. You can also drag the captions to move them to a different spot on the screen. Depending on how long your video is, captions may take a few minutes to populate.

3. Add your music.

Music or audio is what makes Reels stand out. This is especially true when a sound clip is trending. To put your video to music:

  • Tap on the music icon in the Reels creator and browse through popular audio or song clips.
  • Music/audio clips will also show how many times they’ve been used, which can clue you into what’s trending.

After you choose your music or audio clip, click back on the music icon to lower the volume of your original video and increase the volume of your music or audio as needed. Conversely, you might increase the volume of your video if you’re posting educational real estate Reels, like a market recap, and lower the music volume if you’d like some ambient background music.

4. Add text or an effect.

Reel customizations are almost endless:

  • If you feel overwhelmed at the thought of showing your face on camera, you can add a cute or funny filter by tapping the sparkle button.
  • You can also tap the Aa button to place text blocks on your video, with editing options similar to captions.

When adding text to your real estate Reels, aim to keep it concise. Using text to call out the homebuying tips you cover in a Reel is a good example. Keep in mind that Reels appear as a cropped square on the home Feed. To make sure your text isn’t cut off, keep your text blocks within the guiding lines in the Reels editor.

Other Reel editing options include changing video length, speed, and layout and even recording dual videos using your phone’s front and rear cameras.

5. Create a cover and share.

Once you’ve edited your Reel, you’re ready to put on the finishing touches:

  • Tap on Next at the bottom right of the editor and then choose Edit Cover.
  • Select a frame from your video to set as its thumbnail, or cover, or pick an image from your phone’s library.
  • If your video has text, it’s a good idea to choose a cover image including this text, giving viewers a quick overview of your video.

Then write a catchy caption, add several hashtags, and select “also share to feed” when you post. Doing this ensures your Reel shows up under the Reels tab on your profile. To optimize reach, it’s also helpful to tag your location and/or use hyper-local hashtags; tag any people or businesses you mention, including your agency; and share your real estate Reels as a Story and/or repurpose them on another social platform.

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