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Your loans for vacation rentals and weekend getaways

Dreaming of a second home? You’ve got options. Whether it’s a beach house, or another home in a different city, we can help you find the loan that works for you today—based on your goals and financial situation.

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A few key benefits of Second Home Loans:

Financing Flexibility - Second Home Loans operate similarly to Conventional Loans, and come in many different shapes and sizes, depending on your needs. 

Home away from home - Create your own living spaces in your favorite destination areas with all of your own belongings in a home that is yours.

A Second Home Loan might be a good fit if:

  • Travel frequently to the same destination
  • Plan on living in the home for a portion of the year
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Mortgage myths

Don't let myths about Second Home Loans hold you back

Myth #1: Investment Loans and Second Home Loans are the same
Nope! While Investment Loans can be used for additional properties, a second home differs from an investment property and has different occupancy requirements. There are a variety of Second Home Loans to choose from.

Myth #2: You can only have one mortgage at a time
False! You don’t need your current home to be paid off before you purchase a second house, so long as you still qualify for the mortgage.


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