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A way to fund your future

Real estate is widely considered a top investment. Using an Investment Loan to buy a rental home can help you build prosperity by offering a potential income.

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A few key benefits of Investment Loans:

  • Flexible options – Investment Loans work similarly to Conventional Loans. In addition, you can even use the equity from your current home as a down payment. 

  • Build prosperity – Real estate has historically been a great investment. When you purchase a rental property, you are also helping a family find their home. 

An Investment Loan might be a good fit if you:

  • Are looking to secure more properties to rent

  • Want to generate potential rental income

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Mortgage myths

Don’t let myths about Investment Loans hold you back

Myth #1: Investment Loans are only for wealthy people
Nope! Because you are able to use your home's equity to help finance, Investment Loans are being used by everyday people.

Myth #2: You should pay off your house before adding an additional property
Not always! Every situation is unique—but purchasing another property as an investment could yield both immediate and long-term income.

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