Feb 02 2024

6 ways your Loan Officer can make life better

Realtor marketing materials
Realtor marketing materials

From referrals to low-cost loans to Realtor marketing materials: Here’s how to leverage your lender.

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If your lender isn’t making your life easier, you might not be partnered with the right lender. A Loan Officer who prioritizes partnership will have plenty to offer, including but not limited to client referrals, open house support, educational resources on topics like down payment assistance, and co-branded apps and Realtor marketing materials.

In today’s market, having powerful partnerships isn’t just helpful. It can be essential to ensuring both parties stay afloat and equipped to navigate challenges on behalf of their buyers. As you’ll see in the examples below, a skilled Loan Officer partner can be an extension of you when it comes to caring for your clients.

Why partner with a local Loan Officer? 6 real-life reasons

Realtor marketing materials

Here are a few ways the right lender partner can make you and your clients’ lives easier:

1. Lighten your marketing load.

As you’ve probably experienced firsthand, marketing can quickly turn into its own full-time job. But these resources can help:

Along with sending referrals your way, your Academy Loan Officer can provide a wealth of co-branded Realtor marketing materials. These Realtor marketing materials may include postcards, flyers, infographics, email campaigns, and social graphics. Whenever you need help brainstorming—and even creating—new Realtor marketing materials for specific client needs, your Academy Loan Officer is also there to help.

Want to look at sample postcards you can co-brand and send to prospective buyers?

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2. Find affordable solutions.

It’s no secret that today’s homebuyers are facing hurdles when it comes to affordability. Much of this has to do with higher rates coupled with higher housing prices. Thankfully, Academy Loan Officers have solutions that could make homeownership possible for many homebuyers.

Some buyers may benefit from low/no down payment loan programs and down payment assistance. Other first-time buyers may now qualify for a Conventional Loan with lower or waived LLPAs (loan fees). For others, a Temporary Buydown may make more sense, helping to reduce their rate for the first few years of homeownership. Depending on your clients’ needs, your Academy LO can provide personalized guidance.

3. Offer specialty programs.

Affordable mortgages coupled with specialty programs can be a great help for struggling buyers. One popular program Academy offers is *Pre-Approval+. Another program is Lock & Shop. Using Pre-Approval+, your buyer can strengthen their offer by getting an early conditional approval, expediting their closing process. With Lock & Shop, your client can lock their rate for up to 90 days, with the option to float down while they house hunt.

“I have been a Realtor for almost 20 years. They displayed all the characteristics I look for in a lender for my buyers. Rapid response and concise information. In the kind of market we are in today, we have to move fast and adapt. We were able to get them the best house we saw, and part of that was closing very quickly,” an Academy Realtor partner says.

4. Give localized support.

For your client, having help from a local Loan Officer makes a difference. Partnering with a Loan Officer who lives in and knows your community can help enhance the local market insights you offer your buyers. For you, your local Academy LO can show up when you need them—whether it’s pitching in on a community service project or supplying signage and co-branded Realtor marketing materials for your next open house.

5. Streamline with leading technology.

Another way to expedite the homebuying process is by giving buyers access to intuitive technologies. As an Academy Realtor partner, you can share a co-branded version of Academy’s MyMortgage app with your clients. This app features a digital business card, quick links to your website and social profiles, and home search capabilities showing only your info (unlike Zillow). You can also use the app to track your client’s loan process.

6. Navigate challenging situations.

At Academy, we take a “families, not files” approach. This means we don’t do “one size fits all” mortgages. Your Academy LO will meet your buyer where they’re at and come up with a plan to help make homeownership possible. Sometimes, this requires overcoming extreme challenges. You can see examples of this here. Staying committed to our clients is how we continue to create life-changing lending experiences.

We go the extra mile for borrowers in unique situations, such as self-employed borrowers. Your Academy Loan Officer can read tax returns and is skilled in working with complex income. We also offer Bank Statement Loans specifically designed to help self-employed homebuyers become homeowners.

Another Academy Realtor partner recounts, “My client was financially sound but also presented unique challenges in how and when her income is produced, and [my Academy Loan Officer] worked magic to make it all happen without me ever thinking it wouldn't happen. Great to work with and pain free!”

Here’s the local support you’ve been looking for

Partnering with Academy brings more than rates and products to the table. Because our Loan Officers are local, they can help you educate your clients on local market conditions. And because our Loan Officers are committed to creating life-changing experiences through lending, they can meet your clients where they’re at and help them overcome any hurdles. Partner with your local Academy Loan Officer.

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